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Challock Youth Club

At the youth club we take pride in the amazing dishes we create. Why don't you try them yourself?

If you want to see the recipes for these dishes simply click on the dish you want to see.

If you want to download the recipe so you can keep makeing it simply right click on the name and then click "save target as".

Chicken Korma

Cheese Straws

Fairy Cakes Recipe

Chocolate Rice Crispie Cakes

Fruit Scones Recipe

American Muffins

Shortbread Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Orange and Raisin Cookies

Turkey and Sweet Papper Wraps With Potato Wedges

Trio Pepper Pizza

Thai Turkey Stir Fry

Challock Youth Club's Star rating system

It's very simple, 5 gold stars is very good and highly recommended whilst 2 or below is not very nice and not recommended but thats our opinion, so why not try it and make up your own mind.