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Volunteers Wanted

If you want to get to know other people in the village, can spare the odd
hour every week and like helping your community.

Contact the Parish Clerk Kirstie on 740351 and join Challock Speedwatch

Now Belinda has stepped down we currently have no volunteers to man the speedwatch equipment.  It is sitting in the Parish Office, so we do need volunteers to take up the challenge!

On a brighter note, the 40mph speed limit sign on Buck Street has been a great success.  It's nice to see all those brake lights when the sign lights up, with the cars actually slowing down!   This just goes to show most speeding is caused by drivers apathy and given a gentle reminder by the speed limit sign they slow down to the legal limit.  I think we need more of these signs placed on the approaches to the village.  Especially the Canterbury Road where cars zip throug the village at speeds approaching 60mph!  

There is another way of slowing down the traffic through our village,  everytime you use your car keep rigidly to the speed limit. All the cars following you will have to slow down.