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Local Information Free local deliveries       Challock Post Office 01233 740313 Parish Magazine  “The Forester” Email: forester@challock.org  With  articles or events for publication. Copy  deadline is the 12th of the month  The Parish Magazine is delivered to all homes in the Villages of Challock and Molash I f you offer a local delivery service  Please contact us Our Lovley Local Churches Organisations For full bus timetables click here Kent Messenger Correspondent Challock & Molash  If you have any local news or information on public functions Contact Terry Moxley Tel: 01233 740774 Email: countygroup@btinternet.com. Challock Cricket Club  www.challockcc.co.uk

Friends of Challock Church

Yvonne Beazley-Long

01303 239549

Kingswood Players

Barry Macey.

01233 740438

Memorial Hall Secretary/Bookings

Kathy Stevens

01233 740504

Pre-School Playgroup

Kathy Stevens

01233 740504

Primary School


01233 740286

War Memorial History

Deryck Sutton

01233 740441

Goose Fair

Jean Jones

01233 740295

Table Tennis Club

Jean Jones

01233 740295

Challock Youth Club

Tina Dodd

01233 740907

Regional Weather